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An effective astringent toner to help tighten the pores and mattify the skin. Prepares the skin for ..
This smooth, creamy pencil never needs sharpening so it's always ready to give your eyes a profess..
5 in 1Mosaic Eye Shadow Rain Forest 5 in1 Mosaic Eye Shadow Carribean Blue 5 in1 ..
Black Opal Ultra Matte Fix is a dual active powder and foundation in one. It combines excellent c..
Kuddy Cosmestics Foundation is waterproof , dries to a matte finish and has spf 20. Its a perfect ma..
You will love Black Opal ultra matte fix, it gives full coverage, long wear and oil free...
Black Opal Advanced Dual Complex Fade Gel Bio-Affinity..
Black Mask New
Blackhead Removel Peel Off Mask is a ground breaking skin care product, which deeply cleanses the ..
Rejuvenating Body Milk New
Time to get back on your milky body skin.The Rejuvenating Body Milk is the answer. The small bottle ..
A gentle soap-free solution for effective skin cleansing. Promotes lighter complexion and leaves you..
A refreshing toner that removes last traces of impurities after cleansing. Formulated with natural P..
Directions :To use , gently massage into damp skin in circular motion. Gently wipe the scrub off wit..
LADIES, YOUR HAIR IS YOUR BEAUTY!   Just when you think your hair is scanty and doesn't g..
Get an instant boost of volume with this clear and weightless formula. Contains Ceramide Complex to ..
Fiery, seductive and burning with and intense passion. She consumes those around her.A floral fusion..
This beautifully intense chypre fruity green fragrance delights with its aquatic Lotus Flower openin..
Confident yet approachable, thrilling yet relaxed. He stands out without even trying. Be the Legen..
Timeless, sparkling yet intensely seductive, Possess Eau de Parfum embodies the provocative allure o..
Activelle is our high performance deodorant/antiperspirant range with a unique formulation that inhi..
It's the colour of the season - Mint (Sea) Green and Gold! Pair with Peach for a wowing effect o..
Another Afripride by Fashion Carnival's super quality fabric: fantastic design and awesome blend of ..
Style is not about what you wear but how you wear it. Treasure your every single style moments in th..
Rediscover true fabric quality and beauty, Indulge your aesthetic senses in this gorgeous fabric. Th..
Fabric is pure cotton, comfortable on the skin and comes in brilliant colour combination of Blue and..
Knowledge sets you apart, so does your style! Fashion merges with creativity, Beauty and style in th..
Premium and super quality trending Indian Lace George. 5 yards of beautiful pepper Red George fabric..
Beautiful blend of colours, pattern and design. Soft on eye, gentle on the skin. Let your aesthetic ..
This is just the right fabric with calm texture and very fun, refreshing and beautiful White colour ..
This is just the right fabric with calm texture and very aqua (also called Fayrouz) Green colour for..
Indian Lace George has got a new face, do you dare own one? The new mesmerising and ethereal design ..
Finger Handle Bag can be of different sizes, colours and materials depending on your choice. The pri..
Ellipse Ankara Bag is of different colour and different materials depending on your choice. It goes ..
Clutch Purse is of different sizes, colours and materials and of different shapes. Its affordable ..
Ankara Tote Bag can be of different  material be it Leather, Ankara, e.t.c and of different col..