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Vendors Terms & Agreements

Terms and agreement with vendors on Ladies Hub

Ladies Hub, Nigeria’s first online dedicated mall for Ladies, is a strategic online marketing mall for Ladies products, with a mission to promoting quality and empowerment through shopping online, hence our online radio and quality blog articles on the platform.

We also crave to working effectively with our vendors, promoting their products on the platform, giving them more exposure to millions of online audience nationwide.

Below are the terms with our vendors:


Product images and descriptions

Seller on Ladies Hub platform is responsible for her product images and description, which is advised to be of high quality so as to encourage more patronize. Product descriptions must be true, accurate and non-misleading. In situation where seller finds it difficult to get images of products, you can request the service of our partnered product managers to assist you with that for a minimal fee. Please call/whatsapp: 07068590320

2.       Policy of counterfeit, refurbished and unauthorized products

Ladies Hub is committed to delivering high quality products and service to customers at all times, and we strive to ensure that all products sold by vendors are of high standard as stated in the description. Ladies Hub will not have vendors with such items on the platform as this is paramount to bring bad reputation and sales.

3.       Service charge

For all the services provided by Ladies Hub, vendors shall compensate Ladies Hub with commissions in accordance with the terms of the ‘commission structure’, which will not exceed 12%. We charge you only when you’ve made sales. No monthly Fees.

4.       Delivery

Our delivery rate has been priced to the barest minimum despite the current crisis in the economy, wherewith we can pick-up ordered product(s) from your store or you drop it at our pick-up center very close to you (our pick-up centers will be made known to you in a moment). Vendors can also decide to ship out their product themselves if they so wish.

5.       Payment

Payment of vendors’ products sold on the platform will be remitted every TUESDAY of the week. Details of ordered product(s) can be seen and managed by vendors via dashboard. To access your dashboard, simply login from the website,, from there you can add your products, description and price. You can see and manage every order of your products from the dashboard.

6.       Indemnification

Vendors warrants that everything it gives to Ladies Hub to use on her platform is legally owned or licensed to the vendors, to avoid copyright or plagiarism, else such vendor will be responsible for such.

7.       Confidentiality

Vendors and Ladies Hub acknowledge and agree that the scope of work and all other documents and information related to the development of the platform will constitute valuable secrets of Ladies Hub. Vendors shall keep the information confidential, restricting it from the public.

8.       Terms modification

The terms and agreement as stated above is opened for adjustment/improvement at any point in time, with the aim of serving you better and continuous development of the platform. Hence, further adjustment will be made available to you.